Final Reflection

“The shortest relationship is between students and books… They commit one day before exams & after exams they break up.” – Mary Howard. I like this quote because for Propel we won’t be having exams. One of the things I love the most about Propel is the time we get for project work. I am looking forward to the summer as well as my final project.

For my first and final project, Nick, Shae and I have been creating a video game. The game we are making is going to be an RPG (Role play game). Making a video game is very difficult because you have to come up with the ideas of the game, you need the plot of the game and all of the different NPC’s (non-player characters). Most people think that video games are useless but, during this project I learned to be more creative while collaborating with my friends to make the videogame. This project has helped me with time management and teamwork. During this project, I have experienced many difficulties, mostly just losing progress and having to restart. The first time I had to restart it was because my computer is slightly broken and if you press on one part too hard it shuts off. The second time was when we had to change programs so we could implement the characters that Shae had created for the game. For the project, my task was to make all of the maps and some of the basic coding. In total I made around 70 maps, each map took from 10 minutes to about 3 hours or maybe more. Making the maps wasn’t the most difficult thing ever but on some parts I couldn’t find blocks that looked good so it was more difficult. I got Shae, Nick and Kaelyn to all make 1 map for me at points in time because I was tired. My goal at the end was to just touch up the maps that they did but they were pretty good overall. Making maps was extremely fun for me because I enjoyed receiving feedback about them if they were good or bad. In my opinion getting feedback helps me a ton with how the maps look in the end. For the basic coding I did, I just did the functioning of the doors and small jobs like those.

In this wonderful program I have learned many things. One of the things I learned is basic coding for our video game. The way I learned this was by fiddling around because we had a lot of time to work with the program we used which was called Rpg Maker vx ace. I also learned some of it from YouTube videos which were very helpful for clearing somethings up that I couldn’t figure out myself. I have also learned to make maps. I feel like making the maps for our videogame made me more creative. My main goal with the maps was aesthetics to begin with, then I went into the functionality so you couldn’t just walk through walls or anything. I feel as though I am better with time management as well because we had to plan our project and I had to have the maps finished by a certain day. Making maps was a great learning experience for me, I had to watch a large number of videos on mapmaking, I learned some different things with the blocks and how they work. My favourite kind of map to make were all of the caves. I watched a few videos on caves for inspiration and I just love how the caves look.

For gym we had to do a few inquiry questions that required a good amount of research. I learned what that tennis is actually an incredibly difficult, I also learned some of the different effects sports can have on kids. In my opinion I think that every child should play sports because it will help them be active and to communicate with others. We also had to write 8 blogs and the final reflection I am writing right now. I feel like the blogs have helped a lot with my writing because we had our peers edit it to improve our blogs. I feel like the blogs we have written are good for time management because we had a due date for when they had to be posted. The biggest thing I have become more comfortable with is oral presentations and public speaking because of a program we had to do called toastmasters. Toastmasters has helped me a lot even though I did not enjoy it. Toastmasters helped me a lot and I think it could benefit almost anyone. I learned a lot out of Toastmasters like, how to be more comfortable while presenting and receiving feedback on how to improve, I’m glad I had to do it.

The thing I’m most happy about my project is the fact that I am finished all of the maps. After completing all of the maps for our game I felt relief. The project was extremely time consuming and tiring. After I got used to making maps they became a little bit easier than they were before. Overall, I think it all went smoothly and I’m pretty proud of all of the maps that I have created. In my opinion I think that the caves look the best and the caves are what I am most proud of. The most successful thing we have done is completing our videogame.

Problems we had in our game ranged from being unable to implement our characters to having to change the story to losing all of my maps… twice. The first time I lost my maps I had around 6 hours of work put into maps, I didn’t lose too much luckily. The second time it happened I had about 8 hours of work that had been erased. In total it was around 14 hours of work lost in total which sucked a lot. After starting for the third time I began backing up my work so if I lost it I would have another copy. When I first started creating the maps it was a little bit harder than it would be now because I had no experience in map creation. One thing I would do differently would be to research the program better before I used it so I know what other programs are compatible with it. Another regret I had was not backing any of the work up the first time around. I should definitely have a USB to back up any work I have done. One day I gave up on trying to fix everything because I was too exhausted of doing so much of it. In the end I continued though.

Propel has been a great time for me and in Propel we have done tons.  One of my favourite things we did was our trip to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. I enjoyed it a lot because the architecture of the building is amazing and it has so much knowledge inside the building that you can learn a lot of different things from the museum. My favourite part of it was when we walked around on the bridges because the building is amazing to see from upper and lower levels. I learned quite a bit while at the museum and I also practiced my French from watching a few documentaries in French while I was there. Another experience I had while in Propel was setting up our classroom. This was very enjoyable to me because we got to paint all the walls and set up tables and draw on walls and make posters, we collaborated a lot and learned a bit about each other. I drew a wolf on a rock for my section of the blackboard wall because I love wolves. On the blackboard wall we got to express somethings about ourselves in the way we wanted to, which I loved. The thing I am most excited about is the fact that we don’t have exams. Taking 5 exams in the first semester was difficult but I would say it’s worth it if I don’t have to write any in the second semester.

Overall I really loved Propel, it showed me a very unique and different way to learn and it allowed me to pursue one of my passions. I feel like in the future I could possibly become a game developer because of the different experience I’ve had in Propel. In the end I think that propel is a wonderful program that is great for people with self-motivation.


Blog #8

Ok so this is my second last blog. Propel has been flying by sadly and I have finally finished the maps I’ve been creating for my videogame and all I can say is I hate making maps now. I have spent around 70+ hours on map creation alone so I have a reason to dislike it now. I have just finished both of my inquiry questions for gym and I have a few articles to read for my career development course. I have to read 5 article and write a 100 word reflection on them which will be pretty easy. Overall I don’t have much left to do and I don’t have much time which works out great. Can’t wait for my final presentation, I hope it will go great and I can’t wait to write my final reflection.

Blog #7


So… I am writing my seventh blog sort of late because I forgot about it. During the past 2 and a half weeks I went to something very interesting and unique, it was called Rotary Career Symposium. I had gone there for two days. On the first day I was sort of like a judge, there were around 15 of us and I had to pick five booths. One for who was the most informative, two for the most interactive and two for the best overall. On the second day I had to run one of the booths which I only really did for about half of the day because one of my old friends were there so I hung out with him for about half of the day. Overall that experience was one that was wonderful and I found very interesting and I would definitely do it again.

Another exciting thing that happened was that the kids from Samuel Burland came to our class for about an afternoon. It was pretty fun hanging out with them and getting some work for their projects done. We finished a short power point for their project and they decided to also write a play. I am going to their school in the morning of the 12th of May, it’s going to be a Thursday and I think we are going to have a great time and that we will get quite a bit finished on the project they want to do. Overall I think the experience is going to be great and that we are going to have lots of fun as well as be productive.

Now I’m going to speak a bit about my project. For my project I have done quite a bit but it’s still not finished (my part that is) as I have said before my part of the project is to create the maps. Creating maps takes an extremely long time and it is very difficult believe it or not. In my group we have different opinions and I am having to tweak parts of the map to include villages or small ponds. I am getting used to changing the parts of the map quickly so it’s not an issue anymore but it does use up some of the time I could be using to do other parts of the map. Overall I am hoping to be getting the maps finished by next week and if not then the week after that.

The reason I want to have it finished so soon is because my friend needs the maps completed for him to do his part of the project. So… I am a little restrained by time so the maps may not look as pretty as they could be. My final thing to say would be that even though I have spent so many hours creating maps. Creating maps still somewhat enjoyable but I am looking forward to being finished the maps so I can sit back and relax a bit when they are done. Hopefully I will get my blog done on time next week and hopefully I will have a good amount of things to write about again.

Blog #6

The Monday back we had Toastmasters which is a program that helps us with our oral presentations. In the afternoon of the same Monday we finally met with our mini propellers at Samuel Burland, I found that enjoyable. Every Monday we have the program Toastmasters and I do think it will improve my presentations but I don’t enjoy it because I dislike presentations. For Toastmasters I feel that it is helping my presentations become better and more fluent and I have more confidence.

For my project I had many difficulties the past week. The first one was that my friend hit my laptop and it shut off and I lost approximately 4 hours of work. Another one of the difficulties was that we couldn’t implement our drawings into the game so we had to use an older version of the program so we could. During the middle of that I gave up part of the way through because I felt like I had a huge headache because I had to remake the maps again for the third time. Each time takes about 4 hours so I have approximately 12 hours of map making alone which will help for the career development course I’m doing. All of the work I do outside of school or from the hours of 11:00 until 1:15. That time period gives me decent time each day to get some hours for the course. Overall the past weeks have been pretty fun and I’ve learned quite a bit about map making and presentations.

Blog #5

Hi, today is the first day back from spring break. During spring break I helped out at my taekwondo and got quite a few gym hours logged. I didn’t do too much other than helping out at taekwondo but I did play video games with my dad, uncle and with my friends. My spring break was pretty boring because it felt like school as I still had to get up early for helping out. During the end of spring break, I bought ram for my computer and a new graphics card for around 140$. The graphics card I bought was 2 gb, the one I had before was 120 mb. The one I just bought is about 20 times better than the last one. Now that I bought a new one my computer actually works so I’m now happy. Other than that I didn’t do much during the break.

Project wise I spent about two hours making three and a half maps for testing purposes. In my project I will be the one making most of the maps because I’m not bad at it and also I enjoy making them. I like making the maps because it’s fun to see how they come out either bad or good. Sometimes I can’t think of ideas so I have to wait until the next day to be able to make the map. Overall, I think our project is going pretty well and I hope it will improve with our ideas.

Blog #4

I’ve been in propel for almost 2 months now, the time is going by fast and next week is spring break. My project is starting to move into character development for the main character and the others. We are going to try our best to make the video game unique and original, it’s going to be an adventure RPG with an open world most likely for more freedom in what you would like to do. For this week I’m looking forward to finish our character development and a large chunk of our storyboard. Last week I went to the University of Saint Boniface with my home school College Beliveau. I found that the University of Saint Boniface was pretty interesting and I got to see my friends for the second time this semester. Over all the week was pretty nice and fun and I’m hoping to get my project done ASAP.

Blog #3

Today is Thursday, the tenth of March 2016. Approximately 1 month and a week has passed since the second semester has started and it’s very exciting. Today my friend and I made a steam account to buy a program to make a game, we will start constructing our game tomorrow. Yesterday our class went to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, it was pretty exciting considering I love Roman and Greek mythology. Our group for the game made a somewhat basic plot for our game. A large portion of the game is going to be made up by us, like the different races and monster in the game. The game is going to be Roman and Greek style and timeline so there won’t be any guns or anything likewise. I’m pretty excited to start our game and to see how it’s going to work out, we’re hoping on getting our game about 2 hours long hopefully. I have a lot of work to do so I have to go.

Blog #2

Hi it’s Kage again, it’s been about 2 weeks since I wrote my first blog and quite a bit has happened since then. The thing I found most exciting about the weeks was the drawing wall we have, I drew a wolf in white chalk. One of my classmates drew a dragon which looks really really good, there are many amazing drawings and quotes on the wall. Another exciting thing that happened was that we went to the human rights museum. I find that the architecture of the building is unspeakably amazing, it looks insanely awesome. The human rights museum is about history and the rights we have as humans and the atrocities that have happened in the past. I found it pretty interesting even though I’m not that big into history. The human rights museum was pretty amazing and I had wanted to go for a while and now that I have I think it was amazing and I would definitely go again.

My friends and I decided for our first project would be to make a video game. The video game is going to be an rpg (role play game) most likely in roman times (not 100% sure yet). We are going to attempt to make the game about 1 hour long with a good story hopefully. The friends I’m making the game with are Nick and Shae. Our entire class has a triple t which is similar to tusk but it allows us to choose our own subject to present on, we present on Friday the 5th of February. The subject I chose to present on was a planet that I find really interesting, the name of the planet is HD1897337b. I find this planet unique because, despite it being really close to the sun, it’s a cobalt blue, the blue is caused from silicon particles from the planet. The planet is unique because it rains molten glass sideways. I’m pretty excited for Friday because I enjoy space and want everyone to be interested.

In conclusion for this blog, I really enjoy this program so far. I feel that propel gives you the freedom that is needed for students to be able to do what they want for a project. My favourite part about propel is how open it is to help us with projects that we want to do not what teachers want us to do. At the end of the day you still have to be self-sufficient and work on your task rather than fool around. I feel very lucky to be able to be accepted to this program with so many people trying to join. I hope that this semester will be exciting and help me with a lot of things.

Blog #1

Hi, my name is Kage, it’s a bit of an odd name but I like it. Some things to know about myself are, my name in Danish means cake. What I want to do for my job when I’m older is to be a chemical engineer. I know how to speak three different languages which are English, French and Spanish. I have done martial arts for 8 and a half years of my life. One last thing about me is that I love video games, specifically a game called league of legends. For school this semester I got into a new program called propel. The first outing we had for propel was called code breakers. Code breakers was meant for the class to bond a little more and get used to each other. Code breakers was a game like challenge that we had to solve problems together as a group. I found it very enjoyable and that it made all of us a little closer.

Within the first week we have planned out our classroom setup, we found all the paint and which colors to use on the walls. We all set up power points of pictures that represented ourselves, afterwards we wrote an essay about ourselves, I wrote mine about how each photo from the power point represented myself. Our first project we did was a group project about a whale and how we would get rid of a beached whale in 24 hours. I found it used a lot of our ideas and used a good amount of team work.

One big thing we learnt were the 6 C’s. The 6 C’s are creativity, critical thinking, character, citizenship, collaboration and communication, there is also a seventh C which is career but it’s not an official C. The C’s are to help us be ready to be hired for a job, the employer will check if we are able to collaborate with other workers and if we can think of a solution on the spot, etc. Over all it has been a pretty exciting 2 weeks and I hope the next few months will be just as exciting.