Blog #8

Ok so this is my second last blog. Propel has been flying by sadly and I have finally finished the maps I’ve been creating for my videogame and all I can say is I hate making maps now. I have spent around 70+ hours on map creation alone so I have a reason to dislike it now. I have just finished both of my inquiry questions for gym and I have a few articles to read for my career development course. I have to read 5 article and write a 100 word reflection on them which will be pretty easy. Overall I don’t have much left to do and I don’t have much time which works out great. Can’t wait for my final presentation, I hope it will go great and I can’t wait to write my final reflection.


Blog #7


So… I am writing my seventh blog sort of late because I forgot about it. During the past 2 and a half weeks I went to something very interesting and unique, it was called Rotary Career Symposium. I had gone there for two days. On the first day I was sort of like a judge, there were around 15 of us and I had to pick five booths. One for who was the most informative, two for the most interactive and two for the best overall. On the second day I had to run one of the booths which I only really did for about half of the day because one of my old friends were there so I hung out with him for about half of the day. Overall that experience was one that was wonderful and I found very interesting and I would definitely do it again.

Another exciting thing that happened was that the kids from Samuel Burland came to our class for about an afternoon. It was pretty fun hanging out with them and getting some work for their projects done. We finished a short power point for their project and they decided to also write a play. I am going to their school in the morning of the 12th of May, it’s going to be a Thursday and I think we are going to have a great time and that we will get quite a bit finished on the project they want to do. Overall I think the experience is going to be great and that we are going to have lots of fun as well as be productive.

Now I’m going to speak a bit about my project. For my project I have done quite a bit but it’s still not finished (my part that is) as I have said before my part of the project is to create the maps. Creating maps takes an extremely long time and it is very difficult believe it or not. In my group we have different opinions and I am having to tweak parts of the map to include villages or small ponds. I am getting used to changing the parts of the map quickly so it’s not an issue anymore but it does use up some of the time I could be using to do other parts of the map. Overall I am hoping to be getting the maps finished by next week and if not then the week after that.

The reason I want to have it finished so soon is because my friend needs the maps completed for him to do his part of the project. So… I am a little restrained by time so the maps may not look as pretty as they could be. My final thing to say would be that even though I have spent so many hours creating maps. Creating maps still somewhat enjoyable but I am looking forward to being finished the maps so I can sit back and relax a bit when they are done. Hopefully I will get my blog done on time next week and hopefully I will have a good amount of things to write about again.